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True crime can leave a false trail.

Four years ago, Brynn left Saint Ambrose School following the shocking murder of her favourite teacher. The case was never solved, but she’s sure that the three kids who found Mr. Larkin’s body know more than they’re telling, especially her ex-best friend Tripp Talbot. He’s definitely hiding something.

When Brynn gets an internship working on a popular true-crime show, she decides to investigate what really happened that day in the woods. But the further she dives into the past, the more secrets she finds.

Four years ago someone got away with murder. Now it’s time to uncover the truth . . .

Title : Nothing More To Tell
Author : Karen McManus
Format : Physical
Page Count : 354
Genre : YA Thriller
Publisher : Penguin Books
Release Date : September 1, 2022

Reviewer : Micky
Rating : ★ ★ ★

Micky’s 3-3.5 star review

Old friendships
Parents and teachers
Twisty turny

A mostly engaging read with a more normal protagonist than I’ve read in some of McManus’ plots before. Byrnn was a returner to a fancy prep school she left four years ago and while she had a cool, sarcastic streak she was over-enthusatic and gung-ho about investigating that death of her favourite teacher. This was a cold case brought to life Brynn stepped on some rather delicate eggshells of issues and relationships.

The whole plotline of Tripp’s family was the most interesting to me, warts and all. That said, the shady side of the teacher’s family was gripping too. I liked how both those elements played out.

McManus always walks a delicate line between a raft of unlikeable characters and a couple who are investable enough to keep you reading with some love rather than hate. Nothing More To Tell really did test my mettle with so many shady or generally awful personalities but it sure makes things interesting.

I’m not rounding up on this one but it was an easy and entertaining read.


Studious and principled Eden Pruitt stepped out of line just once. Unfortunately, that reckless decision ended with an arrest, a mug shot, and two very concerned parents. Now they’re starting over. In Iowa, of all places. On the cusp of her senior year, of all times. The situation is less than ideal but she’ll just have to manage, and without complaint. The change of address was her fault after all, and she isn’t going to make anything harder on her parents, who have already been through enough.

But life in Iowa turns strange fast. Odd things are happening, and Eden has no idea what any of it means. Then she comes home from her first day of school to a ransacked house and the nightmare officially begins. Her parents are missing. She’s convinced something terrible has happened to them. But nobody believes her. Except for a hardened, mysterious stranger who is as dangerous as he is enticing.

Title : The Fabrication of Eden Pruitt
Author : K.E. Ganshert
Series : Eden Pruitt #1
Format : Physical
Page Count : 440
Genre : YA Dystopian Thriller
Publisher : Self-published
Release Date : June 14, 2022

Reviewer : Micky
Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★

Micky’s 4 star review

Don’t accept events at first glance
A dystopian US
Who is Eden Pruitt?

This was such a ride of a read that started in normality but quickly spiralled into Eden finding her life was not as she knew it. The story was set in a contemporary dystopian US with events in the past that haven’t happened to us that shaped their future. Eden found herself separated from her parents and in the company of a possible ally Cass.

For much of the story I was second guessing who was friend or foe. There were some amazing plot twists that really pulled the rug out from Eden and the reader. This was a fairly fast-paced read where Eden was on the run, fighting an unnamed enemy and second guessing her existence. I don’t want to give away any of the plot but it was unpredictable, it had sci-fi elements and it read like a thriller. I thought this melding of dystopian ya thriller with sci-fi worked well.

There was a light romance in this story and that connection was belieavable, on the periphery but it fit well with the overall plot. There’s a second installment to come in this series (duology?) and I’ll definitely be reading on.

THE GIRL WHO by Andreina Cordani

The girl who… survived
The girl who… inspires
The girl who… has something to hide

People can’t bring themselves to say what happened to her. They just describe her as ‘the girl who… you know…’. But nobody really knows, no one sees the real Leah.

Leah is the perfect survivor. She was seven years old when she saw her mother and sister killed by a troubled gang member. Her case hit the headlines and her bravery made her a national sweetheart: strong, courageous and forgiving.

But Leah is hiding a secret about their deaths. And now, ten years later, all she can think of is revenge.

When Leah’s dad meets a new partner, stepsister Ellie moves in. Sensing Leah isn’t quite the sweet girl she pretends to be, Ellie discovers that Leah has a plan, one she has been putting together ever since that fateful day. Now that the killer – and the only one who knows the truth – is being released from prison, time is running out for Ellie to discover how far Leah will go to silence her anger . . .

Title : The Girl Who
Author : Andreina Cordani
Format : Paperback
Page Count : 272
Genre : YA Thriller
Publisher : Atom, Little Brown UK
Release Date : January 14, 2021

Reviewer : Micky
Rating  : ★ ★ ★ ★

Micky’s 4 star review

This was a great YA thriller, a standalone, focused on a story that felt unusual but credible. It took the reader into the world of a creepy psychotic killer who had severe mental illness (there may be some triggers for people here). The book definitely whipped up some empathy from me for the killer and if you read it, I think you’ll understand why.

I thought it was clever to move forward in time to Leah, on the verge of adulthood, in a new blended family, plotting for something. Leah, although the victim, was super creepy at times and clearly understandably damaged by her experiences. Her new step sister Ellie brought the third POV (killer, Leah, Ellie) who ended up embroiled with things.

I had two hours to kill before I risked my life to save the stepsister who hated me, and nothing else but play Bubble Quest and stare out of the window.

David won the award for one of the most annoying parents, notwithstanding his own traumatic experiences. The way he handled Leah and the new additions to the family made me irritated. Claire wasn’t much better but did have some redeeming features.

This was a twisty, sometimes dark, sometimes creepy, sometimes predictable read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had that page-turning feel and the need to get answers as the story played out. The Girl Who was a great debut from Andreina Cordani; I’ll definitely be looking out for a future release from her.

Thank you to Atom Books for the review copy.