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Micky here. As a blogger and bookstagrammer, one of the best things is getting to read ARCS of new series but what that does mean is that I read a lot of series as they release with the inevitable wait for the next book. What I’ve found with SFF in particular (but really any complex series) is that when I come to the next book, I have gaps about what happened. I don’t have the time to re-read and searching for someone else’s recap often doesn’t work out unless it’s really popular.

What’s the answer to this problem? I started writing my own recap of the book I’ve just read, so that when I come to pick up the next book in a year’s time, I have the plot points that I think were important and any little nuggets that will prompt my mind about exactly what happened. My recaps aren’t lengthy, they’re shorthand and bullet pointed, sometime a who’s who, how they’re related to another character and the key things that happened in the story.

At first, I put these in my note app on my phone until I chatted to Hollis who suggested the private notes area on the review for the book. I’ve added a screenshot below of where I mean (the black scribbles cover some of my recap). So now I’ve transfered my recaps here. This means that no-one else can see it, you’re not spoiling anyone and it’s easily accessible. I can’t wait to be Micky next year, going to find my own recap and being ready to launch into my next read more informed!

Would you do this? Do you use recap sites or are you a re-read before the next book kind of person?