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JUST FRIENDS by Holly McCulloch

It’s easy to put someone in the friend zone. But what happens if you change your mind?

Bea isn’t happy. Desperate for a change, she looks to her friends for inspiration. Every single one of them is paired off, perhaps that’s what she needs too.

So, she starts dating again. But everywhere she goes – amid the hilarious and scarring dates – there’s Peter. Good old, oddball Peter, her closest friend from university. He’s always been firmly in the friend zone but something’s happened lately – he seems taller, more handsome and suddenly making him smile is Bea’s favourite thing.

But how can Bea possibly risk their friendship? And how do you even go about taking someone out of the friend zone? What if Bea and Peter were only ever meant to be just friends…

Title : Just Friends
Author : Holly McCulloch
Format : eARC
Page Count : 304
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Publisher : Transworld Digital
Release Date : June 11, 2020

Reviewer : Micky
Rating  : ★ ★ ★

Micky’s 3 star review

I have a weakness for friends to more stories and that’s what pulled me in to request this book. This is an adults friends story and Bea and Peter were old university friends, surrounded by other old friends, in couples, marriages and other situations.

It took me some time to warm to Bea as a character, I just found her a little dry and difficult to like initially but she did improve on further reading. However, Peter was easy to like immediately, he was an awkward, quirky character but there was just something warm, loyal and genuine about him. From my perspective, Bea needed to earn his favour and work to deserve him, even if that’s not how it was written.

The story moved from dating other people to a realisation of attraction and possibility; there were funny moments and banter along the way. This was a quick and pleasant read that I read fairly easily in a couple of sittings but it didn’t set my heart on fire like I hoped. I didn’t always feel the chemistry like I wanted to but I did like the story development overall.

This is ideal for a weekend contemporary and light read, maybe the beach if anyone gets to go there!

Thank you to Transworld Digital for the early review copy.