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Each month, we’ll be putting together a list of our top most anticipated releases; from romance, to sci-fi, to fantasy, and everything in between. These releases might be ones we’re counting down the days for or ones we’ve already read and want you to read (and love!), too.

What you do need to bear in mind is that living on different continents we have different release dates. So as a general rule there might be some repeats from one month to the next.. it’s not that we’re just being weird. Though we can’t dismiss that totally out of turn.

For August, Hollis’ hotly anticipated titles are :

THE WALLFLOWER WAGER by Tessa Dare is out August 13, 2019. Do I even need to talk about this one? Pretty sure if you’re a fan of Dare, or at the very least a fan of this series, you’ll be grabbing this one on release day!

HOW TO LOVE A DUKE IN TEN DAYS by Kerrigan Byrne is the newest release from this historical romance powerhouse author. The queen of antiheroes and darker romances, she freshens things up with this start of a new series and with a hero that isn’t quite her usual fare. Look for this release (and our reviews) on August 27, 2019.

SAPPHIRE FLAMES by Ilona Andrews is the first full-length novel extending the original Hidden Legacy trilogy that featured Nevada and Rogan. Now Nevada’s younger sister is Head of their new House and dealing with all the complexities that entails.. plus her own powers that make every day complicated anyway! I’m so excited for a) more IA and b) more from this world now that Kate Daniels is (for now?) wrapped. This title releases August 27, 2019.

ALL THE BAD APPLES by Mo├»ra Fowley-Doyle is a very Fowley-Doyle take on the dark history of Ireland and reproductive rights. Which is very relevant for much of what we’ve been seeing in the US lately. She infuses her twisty whimsy, her magical storytelling, her mysterious realism into a narrative that has deeper, darker, roots. In ALL THE BAD APPLES it’s about women, it’s about shame, it’s about family. This book releases August 27, 2019.

For August, Micky’s hotly anticipated titles are :

Okay so Hollis has stolen my thunder with those two historical romances because I also neeeed those. Read the same thoughts from me. I am looking forward to a bunch of books this August and I’ve been furiously reading ARCS.

TO BE TAUGHT, IF FORTUNATE by Becky Chambers is a novella but a very full sci-fi story where the explorers’ bodies are adjusted according to their prospective environments. This book digs into the environments and the psychology of the explorers and it sounds wonderful.

THE YEAR I LEFT by Christine Brae sounds perfect for a vacation read. It seems to have a women’s fiction/contemporary romance cross-feel. It promises to be an honest look at love, marriage, work-life and stress. I think it might be a challenging but satisfying read.

ASK AGAIN, YES by Mary Beth Keane is a UK August release. I’ve been seeing hype about this book of two families and how they’re interwoven with friendship, tragedy and love. The story moves from childhood to adulthood and the story seems to be quite complex. I’m really looking forward to this one.

WE HUNT THE FLAME by Hafsah Faisal is a YA fantasy debut that also releases in the UK in August. I love the cover and the inside should be just as enticing. The blurb gives me Robin Hood vibes set in ancient Arabia and both the lead characters sound rich and fascinating.

What titles are you looking forward to this month? Let us know in the comments below!