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We decided to take a look at our reading experiences for the first 6 months of 2019…behold the FREAK OUT! You want stats? We have it. You want snark? We have it. Come see.

Photo by Simson Petrol on Unsplash

It’s officially summer, the solstice and longest day of the year have come and gone. So naturally that inspires us to ask : how are you doing on your reading challenges/goals?

This is the second year that I (Hollis) haven’t set a Goodreads reading goal (mostly because in the past I’ve a) exceeded them and b) said goal was already more than most people could read in a year, so it felt like bragging) and honestly it feels pretty good. Since last year’s slump I’m still not reading at quite the same pace I used to but I’m actually pretty okay with what I’ve read so far.

Last year my overall reads went down by about fifty books than the two years prior so I’m curious to see where things are this year. I’m mostly resigned to this ebb and flow of my reading mojo now and just kind of going with it. It never feels great to not be reading but as long as I’m meeting my deadlines for ARCs.. that’s all I personally care about.

As of June 22, 2019, Hollis‘ total reads are : one hundred and twenty-six (126). Of those reads, seven (7) are five-star reads and seven (7) are one-star reads. Weird. Also, for one reason or another, six (6) books were left unrated. Additionally I’ve DNF’d six (6) books this year.

Further breaking this down, of those one hundred and twenty-six (126) books, sixty-four (64) were ARCs, thirty (30) were from my OverDrive, sixteen (16) were bought/freebie eBooks, seven (7) are physically owned by me, five (5) were graphic novels from hoopla, and one (1) was a physical library book. Incase you were doing the math with me, yes, that leaves three (3) books unaccounted for. I’m as confused as you. But you get the idea.

I (Micky) don’t like to brag but this is the fourth year I haven’t set a reading goal for the year and basically I find it very freeing to not feel pressured in any way. People normally feel pressured about whether they’ll reach their reading goal, I was the opposite, I found that it made me feel like I was reading too much and therefore, taking my pleasure away. I get that goals are motivating for some people though.

I’ve had a pretty up and down year so far because I was finishing some study (finished in June) so that has affected what I’ve read rather than how much I’ve read. When I’m stressed, I re-read, so I’ve been late with some arcs in the last few months and generally picking up less new-to-me books.

My stats are looking like this, as of June 22, 2019, Micky’s total reads are : one hundred and thirteen (113). Of those reads, seven (7) are five-star reads and two (2) are one-star reads. I also have (9) nine DNFs, most of which I’ve left unrated. At this point, I feel like Hollis would like me to provide a pie chart, graph and gantt chart for books read, time passed and time ahead. That’ll be a no from me, but suffice it to say I’ve read a fair few arcs, lots from the library and listened to (20) twenty audiobooks.

So, now that we’ve bared our bookish souls, where do you stand on your reading goals, if you had any? How do you feel about how much you’ve read, or even what you’ve read, so far? Let us know!