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FRONTIER by Grace Curtis

A heartfelt queer romance in a high noon standoff with Earth’s uncertain future, full of love, loss, and laser guns. Perfect for fans of Becky Chambers and Mary Robinette Kowal.

In the distant future, climate change has reduced Earth to a hard-scrabble wasteland. Saints and sinners, lawmakers and sheriffs, gunslingers and horse thieves abound. Folk are as diverse and divided as they’ve ever been – except in their shared suspicions when a stranger comes to town.

One night a ship falls from the sky, bringing the planet’s first visitor in three hundred years.

She’s armed, she’s scared . . . and she’s looking for someone.

Title : Frontier
Author : Grace Curtis
Format : Physical
Page Count : 256
Genre : Sci-Fi/LGBTQIAP+
Publisher : Hodder Books
Release Date : March 6, 2023

Reviewer : Micky
Rating : â˜… â˜… â˜…

Micky’s 3 star review

Gunslinging planetary standoffs
Sapphic connections
Technology evils

This was a quick read with western vibes in a sci-fi setting. Earth was a slightly recognisable wasteland in a dystopian future of suspicion and survival. All that said, the tone of this book had a lightness to it at times.

The MC was somewhat elusive and the story was told in looping POVs that circled back to the MC. It was an unusual approach to storytelling but it mostly worked for me once I realised how it was structured.

The civilisation on Earth was interesting with a religious zealotry related to the evils of technology; guns were okay though… The stories that connected to the overall story presented an eclectic bunch of characters but I really enjoyed getting the juice on the MC and their search for their beloved.

An interesting concept with a fresh feel. Thank you to Pride Book Tours and Hodder Books for the review copy.


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