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Hi, Hollis here! A few years ago I bemoaned all my started-but-unfinished series and went to some painstaking effort to shelve them on GR to keep track. I quickly discontinued that effort but the fact remains that we as readers, and we here at A Take from Two Cities, start so many series and only manage to finish some. Whether that’s because said series are yet to be completed, delayed, or just forgotten about amidst all the other new releases, who can say. But to keep us (me) accountable, I want to start a blog series not unlike our Five On Our TBRs but where we (I) try to complete (at least!) five series a year.

This was once again successful for me in 2022 and overall this endeavour continues to keep me not just accountable but motivated. Honestly, it’s only the thought of having to type “I failed” in this box that I pushed on and completed the fifth series on last year’s list. Now that’s motivation.

Topping my list for series I’d like to complete in 2023 are :

Starting this list off with the repeat and that is Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series. Well, not the main trilogy, at least, as I snuck that in right near the end of the year. But I would like to push on with at least one of the two spin-off trilogies (Imriel’s Trilogy and Namaah’s Trilogy). If all goes well, I’ll tackle both. But, once again, I’m not committing to that on paper.

The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas is next on my list. I have a rocky relationship with this author (some buddies witnessed me hate-reading the end of the main A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy and I have yet to read on..) but it has haunted me that I gave up on this series around Queen of Shadows and I just need to finish it. It might not be a great ride towards completion, not to mention reliving those early books!, but I remember enjoying, more than disliking, everything I read prior to quitting and I do hope I have some fun with it.

The Red Rising Saga by Pierce Brown. I completed the main trilogy upto Morning Star but never tackled the series after the series expanded; and now with the penultimate instalment releasing next year (May 23, 2023!), this feels like the best time to catch up.

Next up, The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. I started this series back in 2015 (!!) and before I could get caught up (I’ve read upto book three) I think the author ended up getting pulled into other commitments. When I added this series to this draft post, months ago, we still hadn’t had any news about book six — but I’m here now to edit this to say we now have a release date (April 18, 2023). I have no idea if this YA (NA?) post-apocalyptic Arcana-based love triangle series will hit the way it did way back when but there’s only one way to find out.

And lastly, for this round up, Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s The Inheritance Games series. This YA mystery series is probably the newest/most recently published offering on this list (book three came out in the fall) and it’s mostly on here because I had books two and three checked out from my library just the other day when I realized.. maybe, for this kind of story, with all the twists and turns and reveals that occurred in book one, maybe I need to go back and binge so I keep it all straight. And so here we are.

Micky here and I’m squeezing into this one because I have 4353 series unfinished or so it feels. I do have a problem and I think it’s because the minute I start thinking of series to finish, my mind goes to series I want to start. Thus my problem expands.

My list for 2023 goes like this:

First up is Grace Draven’s Fallen Empire series. I’m a big fan of Draven and tend to enjoy this author’s writing most in her full novels than her short stories.

I’ve been meaning to catch up on the two latter Daevabad books for a couple of years and now we have short stories just out, so I feel very left behind on the love for this. I remember book one being quite dense storytelling but good.

This is a series that’s still got releases coming but as I got up to date with this author’s Mercy Thompson series and I remain in love with it, carrying on with this off-shoot series needs to be my next priority.

The Tomorrow’s Ancestors series is a super fresh take on evolution in the future clashing with the beginings of humanity. I loved book one and I want to see what happens in the next two books.

No pictures for my final series plan as I’m in tune with Hollis here, finally having picked the Throne of Glass series back up. I’ve recently enjoyed book two and want to see it through in 2023.

Are there any series you’re prioritizing this year? We’d love to know!


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