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LOVELIGHT series (1-3) by B.K. Borison

Hi, happy friday, readers! To save you from back to back spam of some weird mostly not enthusiastic reviews, I (Hollis) thought to give you a round-up of the Lovelight series (at least, the ones out so far) by B.K. Borison.

Title Lovelight Farms
Author : B.K. Borison
Format : eBook
Page Count : 416
Genre : contemporary romance
Publisher : self-published
Release Date : November 10, 2021

Hollis’ review

Pretty sure everyone has seen this book make the rounds the last little while but oddly enough it wasn’t FOMO that had me downloading it. I blame my KU renewal.

But anyway, what is left to say about this contemporary romance set at a Christmas tree farm over the holidays? Not much! It was definitely sweet and festive and swoony. These two besties enter into a fake dating situation in order to help sell the story to an influencer’s feature on small businesses in the hopes it might win the farm a big cash prize; something the farm desperately needs after a string of seemingly unrelated (the look on my face when the main character thinks this, I swear) incidents have been bleeding them dry. As a bonus, once Luka agrees, it allows Stella to live out her secret feelings without risk to her heart or her friendship (elle oh elle, like, what).

Beyond the whole sabotage bits, there was another element at work to this whole sham plan that had me going “but this won’t make sense!” but thankfully the author worked it into the story instead of actually not thinking it through. Even though it still bit them in the ass. Honestly, Stella is a bit spacey, huh?

And speaking of Stella. That third act conflict? I nearly chucked my kindle across the room. I’m just glad it didn’t last longer than it did and the emotional confessions of it all worked well I guess but damn. It was brutal.

If you like small towns, close knit friend ensembles, and (at least in this first book, but from the looks of the covers the trend might not continue for the rest) holiday cheer, you can’t really go wrong with this one. I really didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, particularly as I don’t think I ever really liked Stella that much — which goes to show that some good writing and a great vibe and a fun cast can make up for a main character even with only a single POV to read from I guess! — but here we are.

Main trope : best friends to lovers + fake dating.

Title In The Weeds
Author : B.K. Borison
Format : eBook
Page Count : 410
Genre : contemporary romance
Publisher : self-published
Release Date : April 18, 2022

Hollis’ review

In some ways this romance was better than the first, the issues that had me side eyeing or wanting to chuck my kindle against the wall were absent. But at the same time, I don’t think I felt as much about this one? I should’ve. Borison did some nice things with the characters, the story, their conflicts, and concerns. I had no real complaints. 

I am still enjoying (if not loving..) the small town vibes (the phone tree is somewhat invasive and gossipy but in a mostly sweet way). I enjoyed seeing more about the workings of the farm and Beckett’s role and all the players involved in running it. I enjoyed how the three main players (Layla gets her book next) interact with each other and support each other. I was shocked (in a good way) by a late-stage conversation (which I won’t spoil) between Beckett and his father and that whole dynamic. And I enjoyed seeing a character like Evie represented, someone who has seen such success through social media, who started out with certain intentions and got lost along the way, and how she found her way back to happiness with her new direction. 

Though, what I h a t e d? Was how Beckett lured his lady love back post-third act break-up. I won’t spoil the how but suffice it to say, ugh. My least favourite kind of reunion catalyst.

But it was easy to put the kindle down whenever I was trying to lose myself for an extended time. That could maybe have been more me than the story, though. Because in rereading everything above.. it sounds great. Big stars. Yet despite that, and maybe this is why it was easy to set aside, I just don’t think it’ll stick with me. Which I think is true for book one, too, in hindsight.

Again, maybe more 3ish+ but still refusing to commit to a rating.

Main trope : opposites attract.

Title Mixed Signals
Author : B.K. Borison
Format : eBook
Page Count : 339
Genre : contemporary romance
Publisher : self-published
Release Date : August 30, 2022

Hollis’ review

Okay, I realize maybe I haven’t mentioned it before in reading these books but these characters (ladies AND menfolk) are the clumsiest ever. I swear, people are knocking over things in every scene. Humans are not that clumsy. This is not endearing. It makes me concerned for the peripheral vision of everyone in this town. Is that kind of thing contagious? Glaucoma? Tunnel vision? Whatever.

Sticking with that tune, I have to say that while this started off great, and pretty much right through had lots of lighthearted loveliness and no real angst, this veered off track by the third act breakup. For all that we get some foundation on the love troubles these two individuals have, I don’t think there was enough substance there to explain why Layla had her freakout. I know that usually the big conflict is manufactured or shimmied into functioning as a plot piece but this one was real thin. As it was the shortest book, by almost a hundred pages, this could’ve easily been solved. Additionally, the same could be said for Caleb and all his lovelife woes. Sure, these two are just meant to be a perfect fit but none of his concerns ever manifested and it just seemed like a lame excuse to get these two together. 

Also the whole losing power thing the night before (that’s as much as I’ll say and even that is maybe less vague than I should be..) was a little much. While I enjoyed the whole town coming together in book two, in this one, it just felt shoehorned in. Like we needed to get it done for the sake of having set a standard and checking it off the list. But maybe it’s just me being crotchety again.

I’m not mad I spent time in this town, at Lovelight, and I hope Boriston does something fun and different with the next pairing she’s set up (book four to come) but I’m glad for the break. Maybe I’ll be happier then.

This one might be a 2.5 rounded up to 3. Or maybe a solid 3 no extra. What even are ratings.

Main trope : fake dating but this time they weren’t friends first so it’s different?

Is this a series you’re interested in? And, if so, are you still interested despite these reviews? If you have KU, you have nothing to lose by at least trying book one; especially if you’re looking for a festive read to get you into the festive mood for the season.

Notably, I don’t normally specify the tropes outright this way but considering these are companions I thought maybe it would be helpful incase you want to read one more than the other.


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