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SORRY I MISSED YOU by Lorraine Brown

Sometimes love is just around the corner…

Rebecca isn’t looking for love. She’s perfectly happy with her high-flying city job, gorgeous flat overlooking Hampstead Heath and fortnightly fling with the hot CEO. She’s certainly not interested in the hot actor neighbour who’s just moved in opposite…

Jack is still looking for his big break. It turns out being the star talent at drama school doesn’t give you a golden ticket to Hollywood, after all. The last thing he needs is any distractions right now – especially not the uptight, power-suit wearing girl next door.

They might live only a few metres away from each other but their worlds couldn’t be further apart, plus opposites don’t really attract, do they…?

Title : Sorry I Missed You
Author : Lorraine Brown
Format : Physical
Page Count : 368
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Publisher : Orion Books
Release Date : September 1, 2022

Reviewer : Micky
Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★

Micky’s 4 star review

Stuck in a rut
Frienship to more
Finding purpose

Sorry I Missed You was a gentle romantic read that got you involved in the lives of two very normal people in their thirties. In that sense, it felt relatable and real. Rebecca was living a bit of a non-life, still reeling from a year-old break-up and a huge bereavement in her childhood. Jack was drifting in his desire to be an actor, trying to find direction and guidance. A missed parcel brought them in each other’s path.

Much of this story tracked Rebecca and Jack’s lives seperately, their work, their friendships and relationships. Over time a tangible friendship grew and it was pleasant and satisfying reading. I got pretty invested in their seperate work lives and the struggles they were both facing there. The road to more with these two was a slow burn and not rushed; I appreciated that.

This story was a quick read, I read it in 24 hours and enjoyed giving it my sole attention. I’d definitely read this author again.

Thank you Orion Books for the early review copy.

3.75 stars, rounded up.


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