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Hart is a marshal, tasked with patrolling the magical wilds of Tanria. It’s an unforgiving job, and he’s got nothing but time to ponder his loneliness.

Mercy never has a moment to herself. She’s been single-handedly keeping Birdsall & Son Undertakers afloat in defiance of sullen jerks like Hart-ache Hart, the man with a knack for showing up right when her patience is thinnest.

After yet another run-in with Merciless Mercy, Hart finds himself penning a letter addressed simply to “A Friend”. Much to his surprise, he received an anonymous reply, and a tentative friendship is born. Little does Hart know he’s baring his soul to the person who infuriates him most. . .

Set in a world equally full of magic and demigods as it is donuts and small-town drama, this utterly unique fantasy is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Title : The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy
Author : Megan Bannen
Format : Physical
Page Count : 448
Genre : Fantasy Romance
Publisher : Orbit Books
Release Date : August 25, 2022

Reviewer : Micky
Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Micky’s 5 star review

Grumpy-grumpy-together we make sunshine
Brilliant fantasy world with easy world-building
Who said the appendix was a moot organ?

I completely vibed with this book from the first few pages, I knew I was going to love it from the moment I first set eyes on the main characters. Mercy and Hart were completely memorable, completely unique and incredibly loveable, flaws and all.

This world was pretty quirky, zombie-laden, a world of water and land but everything about how the world was written was brilliant. There was no world-building as such, the author just slowly sowed seeds of how things were, worked and operated in a way that you naturally put the pieces together.

Hart and Mercy took centre-stage and kept your focus for every moment. The barbs these two threw at one another were like acid burns but how they came to be friends through letters was everything. The chemistry was onnnnnn (fans face) but the connection was so damn deep.

The humps in this story’s road were painful and I cried hart-broken. I just felt so much as I rolled with the lives of these two, I felt their frustrations, their amusement, their affection, love and deep sadness.

This book swept me off my feet and I hope Megan Bannen has something of a similar ilk in store for us in the future. She wrote the socks off this book!

Thank you Orbit Books for the early review copy.


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