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We thought it would be fun to do a NetGalley check in, find some receipts for what some might call crazy clicking (Micky) and others might call the Marie Kondo method of NetGalley (Hollis).

We actually do this on the regular with one another on DMs and it’s always the same patten with us : Micky is the serial offender, a bit behind, requesting too much while the NetGalley shelf bows with weight. Hollis, meanwhile, is more considerate of her click habits — only because she learned her lesson after having overclicked and, subsequently, buried herself in ARCs a few years back. (*Micky interrupts…Excuse me, Hollis…some of us like that buried feeling.) Also, as many of you know, Hollis enjoys almost nothing so that’s also a factor.

Shall we screenshot? Did you say go on?

So, Micky’s oldest unread is from November 2019 – Blood Heir (sorry Harper, you will get my review one day). Currently there are 44 books awaiting feedback but the good news is that my stats are at 92% with feedback given on 552 books. So while I might be an over-clicker, I generally deliver on my reviews and am mostly on time.

Hollis actually cleared her outstanding eARC queue earlier this year (yesss, snuck it in before the bell!) so she has no overdue reviews. As of the writing this blog post she has five (5) eARCs to read and review and her status is at 98% with 310 out of 315 books read and reviewed.

So what does your NetGalley shelf look like? Are you a Micky, a Hollis, or a SomewhereInBetween? Let us know!


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