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Here’s a little ‘cover-off’ for you. This approach of a typical romance cover versus a ‘discreet cover’ has caused some contraversy in the romance world. What are your thoughts?

What chance does a small-town girl have with a world-famous rock star?

Two years after his wife’s death, rock star Garrett Hayes hasn’t moved on. But he has moved out of L.A. Where better to escape his past than a small town in the Northern California mountains? If only he could get the townsfolk of Wildwood to leave him the hell alone.

Ani Bennet returned to her hometown for some much-needed serenity. The last thing she needs is a grumpy, too hot for his own good, rich and famous rock star living next door—and rent-free in her brain.

She set her fangirl tendencies aside and deleted his photo off her cell when they became neighbors. But when Garrett asks for help, she can’t say no. The problem is, spending time together is making those fangirl feelings resurface—and bringing them to a whole new level.

What chance does a small-town girl have with world-famous rock star? It’s time for Ani to set her fears aside and find out.

Title : Famous In A Small Town
Author : Kylie Scott
Format : ebook
Page Count : 219
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Publisher : Self
Release Date : April 7, 2022

Reviewer : Micky
Rating : ★ ★ ★ 

Micky’s 3.5 star review

Quick, easy read
Cute with depth
Why so fast?

I want to start by saying I really enjoyed this book despite what the rating might indicate. It came at a time I needed a really easy read and I can rely on Kylie Scott for providing that. This book had a lot of depth, dealing with one character navigating grief after the death of their partner and another with some PTSD.

The small town feels were excellent in this story. A set of warm and eclectic side characters were created to really give a back water feel but also a cosy and desirable vibe to this town. Garrett was an appealing character that we got some depth on but not quite enough. I did like how his grief was represented for most of the book. Ani was also incredibly likeable and I really enjoyed seeing the power dynamic between these two and Ani fully in control despite the fame.

Everything was wholly enjoyable in this book until about 75% in when things went all insta. This book could have been right up my street rating wise if time had been taken to stretch this into a longer and more credible move towards a relatable connection over time. It really shaved some enjoyment off where I was heading in my love for this book. However, I cannot dispute the cuteness of the couple and how it ended.

Would I recommend? Yes, you could read this in a day or afternoon even and enjoy but it won’t be overly memorable for me because of the latter part of the story.

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