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We’ve found that breaking down our TBRs can be something that inspires us to pick up hidden or briefly forgotten reads. ‘Five on my TBR’ is something that we have done a few times on bookstagram but it originated with someone else, though, eek, we’ve no idea who (if you’re the creator of this, please let us know and we will credit you!).

We always have the best intention to include updates in this TBR series more often than we do but, as always, it’s been longer than we thought since the last post. Nonetheless, here we are showing what’s risen to the top of our TBRs and/or what has us buzzed.

Micky’s five

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson
The Dark Lady by Akala
Venom & Vulture by Bex Hogan
King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

So, what the hell Micky with King of Scars, it’s still lingering, nevermind the sequel. The Dark Lady is a middle grade from an activist I admire massively. I’ve read the first book in the Isles of Storm & Sorrow, so I want to push myself to finish Venom & Vulture as they’re all published. Do we share any excitables?

Hollis’ five (four? six?)

Neon Gods by Katee Robert
House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland
Mister Impossible by Stiefvater
The Inheritance Trilogy by NK Jemisin

Instead of having the same two books on this TBR list reappear once again, I’ve ditched them for now (Seven Devils, because the sequel is no longer out in August but pushed to January, and The First Sister, because it’s a trilogy, not a duology, and I’ll be waiting to read until fall of 2022 because I’m just like that). But otherwise? This series has been pretty successful so far! Here’s hoping it continues.

Also, I realize there are only four listings up there but the Jemisin is actually a three book omnibus so it’s technically a total of six books I’m holding myself accountable (ish) for completing. As for the rest, the Stiefvater is an embarrassment, I can’t believe I still haven’t read it, the Sutherland because fall is coming and I think that book is supposed to be spoopy, and the Robert, well. That’s hype train, baby.

Tell us the top five books on your TBR! Do any of ours make your lists?

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