Who knows, you might not want to know anything about us, but on the small chance that you do, please read on for quirks, smirks and foibles.

Micky here. I’m in my 40s, a partner and mum to two teens who have lost their reading mojo (silently weeps). I am a NICU nurse by background but now walk the aisles of a lecture theatre, often shoe-horning fiction onto readings lists for nursing (I kid you not). I love my buzzing family home adjacent to the moors in the north of England but finding peace to read and personal space is sometimes a challenge.

I’m at that age where I’ve worked super hard in my career and now I’m all about the work-life balance and spending my wages on books. I was the twittering voice in Hollis’ ear…let’s start a blog, you know you want to, let’s start a blog (repeat x 100). I’m a genre hopper, reading pretty much everything but horror, that said, I’m happiest in the land of YA fantasy and contemporary. My specialist subject this year is coming to the series you’ve all read years ago and going, ‘hey, this is amazing‘ – read here The Infernal Devices, Daughter of Smoke and Bone and more. I have some book friends that I made years ago on facebook who I treasure and newer friends on bookstagram who are equally wonderful. Bookstagram and Goodreads are the platforms of choice for this booksta.

Hollis here! Micky and I don’t have much crossover when it comes to life, lifestyle, or how we are as readers, and that’s definitely one of the best parts of our friendship. I’m a self-proclaimed spinster with a cat, who is perfectly at home never leaving her house (making me an ideal candidate for sheltering in place as I am now) and I’m neither a classic introvert or an extrovert; I’m somewhere in between. I love being with friends, I enjoy travel (much of which I’ve done with Micky thanks to our mutual friend, love you Jess!), but if I go two days without exchanging a word or a text with the outside world? I’m cool with that, too. Bookish habits-wise, I’m not mood reader, I rarely ever polyread (aka the reading of more than one book at a time), and I can be stubborn both in the completion of a book I don’t like and a series I’m not loving (as some may notice as I recently chewed through the October Daye series two star after two star..). As for what I read? Like, everything. Five years ago I almost never read straight romance (and by that I don’t mean straight vs LGBTQIA+ romance, but, like.. any book that focused solely on romance), but it was diving into the GR community, and some online groups I’m part of, which changed the course of my preferences. Fantasy and sci-fi, both YA and adult, were my forever staples and they still are. Now I just read more of that and more of everything else, too. I never thought I would be a blogger, despite my very lengthy GR reviews prior to this venture, but I’m so glad Micky twisted my arm. If there’s anyone to blame for me having this platform and being allowed to shout at you from this space, it’s her.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to “meet” us, to everyone who reads our reviews, who comments, and generally makes the whole experience that much more fun.

13 thoughts on “MEET THE BLOGGERS”

  1. Pleased to meet you both. πŸ™‚ Micky, I love your photo and Hollis too. πŸ™‚ You guys look lovely. I think I’m more like Micky reading-wise – I’m a genre hopper – I read every genre except for Mystery. As for status-wise, I’m like Hollis. I’m a total spinster but no pets because of allergies though I do like cats a lot. πŸ˜‰

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