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So Hollis and I feel kind of in control with NetGalley, with the odd ‘it controls me’ moments. Edelweiss+, however, is a totally different kettle of fish. Now, we know that this is a platform less used by readers and more used by book professionals but there are some blogger/reviewers only (like us) on there.

So what’s different about Edelweiss+, I hear you say? For starters, it’s a pretty clunky platform and definitely not as user friendly as NetGalley. It does work on the same principles though; you see a book, you request it, and ideally the publisher will grant access. Instead of ‘read it now’, it also has a ‘download’ option rather than request for some select titles.

What has been Micky’s experience, is that getting declined is the default (see the left of the photo above *laughs/cries*). For example, say for every ten that are requested, access might be given to one or two. Why continue? Well, there are publishers that use Edelweiss+ and not NetGalley, or favour Edelweiss+ more.

Unlike NetGalley, your profile is very basic and there is no running tally or reads, reviews or percentages. I miss that element, I like competing to get myself in a better position! Now over to Hollis who has had a better experience than me (somewhat), which is probably to do with regional issues.

Micky isn’t wrong, I have had some better experience. For a while it was all books, all day, download download download! Now? Less of that. I do think there is some logic behind the “provide a reason for your request” box but realistically I don’t imagine your enthusiasm sways anyone. I think it’s just hit or miss.

I have no screenshot to show you because I clear my dashboard, refusing to linger over the rejections, but I, too, would prefer there was some kind of feedback ratio to indicate that, strong profile or not, I’m reading and reviewing what I’m given. Maybe there’s something on the other side of the screen? Hard to tell. But I’ll keep clicking, keep enthusing over new titles, keep hoping those books that only show up on Edelweiss+, as opposed to NetGalley, might make their way onto my kindle.

What has been your experience? Do you use Edelweiss+ or have you thrown in the towel?


  1. I’m staying far away from Edelweiss – lol. My rate is closer to 90% rejections, so NetGalley is my kind of platform. But I also noticed that if I write to the publishers directly, I get the widgets even though I’ve been rejected on Edelweiss. That’s why I’m not really getting it.

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    1. oh yikes, 90%? harsh. Corina deserves love, too, e+!! that’s a great tip RE widgets, though. I know, especially right now, that seems to be the way around being sent physicals but that still seems to be more common on the NG side, so.. yeah, don’t get it. – H

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      1. I wonder if different people are responsible for NetGalley, Edelweiss, and direct contact with bloggers. It makes no sense to get rejected on one platform, but getting the widget by email. At the moment, most publishers tend to give out widgets immediately, since they aren’t sending out physical copies, but I started noticing it last year.

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  2. Finally! We get the Edelweiss post! I agree with Hollis it’s totally a hit and miss. There’s no way of knowing if a publisher was wowed away by your reason for the request or if they even glanced at it before they stamped DENIED on it. I tried to figure out on the perfect reply for the ever elusive question of “Why are you requesting this title?” but even my best response didn’t make a dent lol.

    You don’t even know why the hell you got denied for the book when your profile strength is “Excellent”.

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    1. You have got it on one. Hollis and I often laugh about our plea for why we want it, lots of enthusiasm and it means nothing! And as for an excellent profile, yeah does it mean anything? *shakes fist into the ether*

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  3. I’ve really ignored my E+ because I have had very little luck with it. Like other commenters, I’ve had better luck interacting with publishers directly 😢 it’s a shame because reviewers often put so much thought into the “why I want to read” Q but the effort certainly isn’t reflected in acceptance rates

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    1. I personally don’t think it matters a jot what the heck you put in as your reasons why you’re requesting. I need to do more approaching publishers directly for eARCs I’m desperate for. A plan, I like it – thank you! – Micky 🙂

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