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Nine and a half years ago, you married a man who wasn’t me. He wasn’t even half of me…

Nine and a half hours ago, you walked through the doors of my billion-dollar boardroom for a job interview.

Although every person at the table fell for your charm and applauded, I didn’t dare. I couldn’t help but notice your bare ring finger. Couldn’t help but notice that you were even sexier now than you were on the night we first met.

I honestly didn’t want to hire you, but I had no choice. (I was outvoted 16-1, but trust me, you got this job by default.)

When you signed the papers and we shook hands, I didn’t bring up the fact that you didn’t “wait for me” like you promised to years ago, or that you just moved on with your life like what we had meant nothing. Instead, I insisted that we keep things one-hundred percent professional.

So, for the record: I’ve long forgotten about you and all the times we shared. (This includes the way your body feels under mine, the way your laughter used to make me smile, and the way you used to breathlessly say my name for hours at a time.)

I’m definitely not in denial, this is all one hundred percent true. You’ll never hear me say that you still have an effect on me, that you’re still the best I’ve ever had, or worse, that I never got over you…

Title : Never Got Over You
Author : Whitney G
Format : eARC
Page Count : 295
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Publisher : Indie
Release Date : October 24, 2019

Reviewer : Micky
Rating : ★ ★ ★ .5

Micky’s 3.5 star review

I know what I’m getting into when I read a Whitney G book and the reality is I get a steamy story with an arrogant hero and usually a strong woman. I am content in this knowledge and it usually suits my mood when I’ve chosen to read.

NEVER GOT OVER YOU was a second chance romance (a trope I love) with hurt brimming over in both directions. Told mostly in the present and occasionally with a flashback, the story of Kate and James/Sean was slightly different to my expectations in some ways. James was a loyal type in his younger self and actually this did come through in the present. He was less asshole-ish than some of Whitney G’s heroes and I appreciated this.

Kate was a likeable if a somewhat chaotic character. She was multi-talented in a way you might have to suspend a wee bit of reality and I felt her backstory had some gaps which I just wanted a bit more detail of. I did enjoy her tenacity but I hated her parents and didn’t understand that part of the story either.

Kate and James together were fun to read and the steam was reliable and provided good in-the-moment narrative. The emotional connection needed a little more depth for me to truly buy into them as a couple past and present. As well as a couple, they were boss and employee, I found the emails completely unrealistic in their lack of professionalism, this could have been conveyed more convincingly.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, it was easy to read with a little rushing towards completion. It is a great choice for a day’s read, a weekend or vacation.

Many thanks to the author for the early review copy.

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