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BE YOUR ANYTHING by Jillian Liota

Lennon Day is a problem

She was supposed to be a one-time diversion, a friend that temporarily soothed the desires raging under the surface. Now we can’t keep our hands to ourselves, playing a game that we’re both going to lose.

I thought I liked my life how it was. I wasn’t expecting for anything to change, for my priorities to ebb and flow like a wave. And now I’m worried everything is going to crash down around me.

And that she might be the one who gets lost in the storm.

Lucas Pearson is a problem

He’s handsome, charming, my childhood crush… and unfortunately, not completely available. When I moved back to Hermosa Beach to work for my family’s foundation, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. But it did.

Now, we collide like magnets, finding each other in the night to satisfy the urges we can’t seem to escape. It’s supposed to be casual. No strings. Emotion-free. And definitely a secret. So what’s the problem?

I’ll be anything for him… even if I lose myself in the process.

Welcome to Hermosa Beach

***Note: This is the second book in the Hermosa Beach Series. It contains significant spoilers, and should be read after ‘Promise Me Nothing’. 

Title : Be Your Anything
Author : Jillian Liota
Series : Hermosa Beach #2
Format : eARC
Page Count : 295
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Publisher : Indie
Release Date : October 15, 2019

Reviewer : Micky
Rating : ★ ★ ★ 

Micky’s 3 star review

It was a nice feeling to be back in Hermosa Beach for more of this cast of characters. They had the OC feeling, a young entitled crew that had some down to earth-ness about them.

This was a story of a purposeful love triangle (of sorts), where a couple had been in a long term relationship but an open one and were engaging in relationships with other partners; all parties were aware. BE YOUR ANYTHING focused on Lucas (the boyfriend) and Lennon (his girl on the side). It was definitely an unusual story from that perspective and I think a tricky one for readers to feel emotionally invested in for the above reasons.

I had problems connecting to both Lucas and Lennon. Lucas, because of the arrogance of the situation on the one hand. I must say, I would feel the same towards Remmy his girlfriend, she was no better, but in the background of this story. With Lennon I struggled with her passivity and willingness to be a bit of a doormat.

There was a good story in here, winding sometimes but it navigated the whole Hermosa Beach guys, catching up with Hannah and Wyatt which was definitely welcome. There was plenty more heat in this book and whilst I welcome that, I think because I didn’t feel that connected to Lennon and Lucas, I didn’t always feel in the moment reading these sections.

The story came together well and I was glad to get some of the drama behind me. I remain invested in the series as a whole even if this wasn’t my favourite.

Thank you to the author for providing the review copy.

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