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Happy “where’d all my money go?” new release Tuesday, everyone!
As you know, the most exciting day of the week in this community is the day that follows the one we all dread (Mondays for the nope) and today we’re going to highlight some of the new books chipping away at our bank accounts — but each one is so worth it.

DARK AGE by Pierce Brown. Does this book need any further introduction? The fans have been waiting and it’s finally here!

THE MERCIFUL CROW by Margaret Owen is one of the few YA fantasy releases that lived up to the hype. Owen weaves a breakneck tale of disaster, betrayal, acceptance, more disasters, more betrayals, and on and on. This world was so rich and fascinating and holy forking hell was it diverse and delicious. Look for Hollis’ review on the blog tomorrow!

HOW TO HACK A HEARTBREAK by Kristin Rockaway is a fun story featuring all the pitfalls of app-dating, online culture, and toxic workplace culture, particularly as a woman in tech. Hollis’ review will be posted today!

BRAZEN AND THE BEAST by Sarah MacLean is book two in her Bareknuckle Bastards series. I absolutely loved the first book and I cannot wait to get my hands on this one. I’m forever looking forward to more of this series as the author has even teased book three and I’m already dying for it.

Kate Meader has a brand new series opener with GOOD GUY which is a hockey romance series that is spinning off from the Chicago Rebels series. This one features a sports reporter and the rookie who is a Special Forces veteran? That’s checking a lot of boxes!

A HIGHLANDER WALKS INTO A BAR by Laura Trentham is set mainly in the US in a small Scottish transplant of a town thats rather quaint. The story centres around two couples, one more at the fore, both American women, both Scottish men and the build-up to some highland games. Definitely a fun read.

Are there any titles out today you’re excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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