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Micky is a mood reader who tries to splice in arcs and library reads as per her momentary mood. She is also a poly reader (current reads are seven at present). Hollis is an organised creature who is always sickeningly ahead of the game with her arcs, library reads, and general reads. Hollis sensibly reads one book at a time. Micky is jealous of Hollis.

Micky’s May tbr

I try and have a physical tbr which is often inspirational and ambitious. I have a rough ebook tbr that always includes my arcs, the rest is mood for audio (I commute and listen) and owned ebooks.

This month my planned arcs are: Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev, Things We Never Said by Samantha Young, Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett (UK release date is later than the US date), Stepsister by Jennifer Donnolley and Million Dollar Devil by Katy Evans. I have an expiring KU subscription and I’m determined to fit in Crash by Harper Dallas and hopefully Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan.

This is my physical tbr pictured below and I have to admit that A Curse So Dark and Lonely was on my April tbr!


Hollis’ May TBR

I may be more “sensible” with my reading habits but my TBRs are also far more loosey-goosey in the sense that the only thing I plan are.. deadlines. ARC due in a few weeks? Great, it’s on my TBR for the month! Library hold comes available? Great, it’s on my TBR for the month!

This month includes one ARC that is actually to be published in May (on the seventh, yikes, cutting this one close) which is ROMANOV by Nadine Brandes. I’m also planning to read ARCs of SORCERY OF THORNS by Margaret Rogerson and LIKE A LOVE STORY by Abdi Nazemian — both releasing June 4, 2019. However, I’m also planning to snap up the brand new (!) m/m contemporary romance by Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen — the first from this duo in over three years! — that is publishing on May seventh. If you’re only hearing about TOP SECRET now, well, where have you been! Can’t wait.

What’s on your TBR for the month? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “OUR MAY 2019 TBRs”

  1. I’m also jealous of Hollis.I CAN’T WAIT FOR TOP SECRET. Neither of you got an ARC of it? Who did? Their marketing campaign is such a turn-off. I’m excited to read it but annoyed too.


  2. @Em, neither of us did! though from what I understand the sign up was a long time ago? and clearly shrouded in myyyyystery. at least the lead-up to release was short, I’m counting that as a blessing. here’s hoping we all love it! x


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